The Invisible ABCs

Exploring the World of Microbes...

The Invisible ABCs

Each letter of the alphabet pictured above is an actual picture of a microorganism.  Some of the microbes actually look like letters of the alphabet;  others just happened to look like a letter when the picture was taken.



The purpose of The Invisible ABCs web site is to allow those who enjoyed the book to further explore the world of microbes. 

For Kids

                 Check out the ALPHABET and learn more about the                  different microbes that were used to form the letters.

                 At MICROBES, you can stalk the mysterious microbes                  with Sam Sleuth as he investigates how microbes cause                  disease, provide cures, and help eat trash and clean up oil                  spills. 

                 If you really love microbes, you can have fun with                  microbial slime and enjoy the art of microphotography.

For Teachers and Parents

                 Investigate the world of microbes with your children or                  students using safe, easy investigative labs and activities                  at MICROBE FUN.

                 Find out all the current issues and news in the world of                  microbiology at MICROBE WORLD.

                 Stay up to date with daily PODCASTS that explore how                  current research in microbiology impacts our everyday                  life.

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